Language Exchange question

I have the opportunity to help a Spanish native speaker prepare for their English exam. I am working my way
the Level 1 challenges and I am brand new to Spanish. My question is, should I place my emphasis on practicing
pronunciation with the Spanish speaker first, then move into the short practice sentences like we have on the forum.
I do not want to miss an opportunity like this , especially being so “young” in my Spanish language learning.

Appreciate any ideas and suggestions from forum members for working with a language exchange partner.

Gaby and Aran would also love your input on this question, thanks!


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Are you going to do an intercambio? Ie, [x] amount of time on their English, then [x] amount of time on your Spanish?

If so, then I would use the ‘in Spanish’ time to try to communicate as much as possible. Forget about pronunciation, forget about practising certain kinds of sentences - just jump in and try to communicate stuff - and do NOT worry if that involves large amounts of time going ‘errrrrrrrr’ for the first quite-a-few sessions - my first intercambios in Spanish were embarrassingly painful, but the more you stick at it, the faster it goes… :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much Aran for your reply and support! I will jump in there and give it a try!

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Looking forward to hearing how it goes! :slight_smile:

Hi Aran, the sessions are going well. I am taking it slow , but steady. My Spanish friend is very supportive
and giving me great feedback. Thanks for your support, I am losing my fear of speaking with each class.
Your lessons are great, building confidence with each session!:dancer:

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Excellent - you’ve taken a hugely important step there, and it is definitely going to help you get where you want to be :star: :star2: