L3Welsh south

Am I getting it wrong. Have downloaded lessons 1-4 but then I am told that lessons 6-10 are available in northern version only

Nope - only the first four lessons in level 3 have Southern versions. That said, Level 5 seems to be missing…

Not entirely sure what has happened to challenge 5, but once it’s ready any missing links will be filled in.

I am just starting to record the material for the next few challenges, so it shouldn;t be too long, but bear in mind that it took about a month between the first time I thought I’d recorded everything for these 4 challenges, and actually producing them, don;t come checking every night for the next week hoping that they’ll be there. Having said that, I hope to get the recording done before the children break up for the summer (which is next Friday), but it may run into the following week (s) if I don;t manage that, because I will be trying to find quiet moments in a pretty much never-quiet house.

So, bear with me, and I’ll try to keep you informed!