Keyboard Cymraeg for Android

This app is fantastic! Since I’ve been learning Welsh, my experience of texting has been so frustrating because my phone just assumes that I don’t know how to spell anything and “corrects” pretty much everything I write. So I was delighted to stumble across Literatim. After installing, you simply hold down the spacebar to choose whether you want to text in English or Cymraeg. No more eye-rolling and cursing under my breath while I text. If you sympathise, then you’ll really want this! It also has easily accessible tai bach (â, ô etc) and predictive text linked to a Welsh-English dictionary. Arbennig! : -)

Literatim: Keyboard Cymraeg
(Appears to only be available on Android. Haven’t seen any reference to iPhone, but I could be wrong.)


Related: If you type in an English word it will suggest a Welsh equivalent for you. :smiley:


No sign of it in the Apple app store :frowning:

I’ve been using SwiftKey in Welsh, but this sounds fabulous also, will give it a go!


I personally prefer SwiftKey, as it includes predictive text and auto correct. It also includes a lot of the northernisms the Literatim keyboard lacks and can learn words/phrases as well as switch between languages seamlessly.

I’m not on commission. Honest :stuck_out_tongue:


SwiftKey is grêt :smiley:! Thanks for mentioning it, @CatrinLliarJones and @dannywithington, works like a charm on my ipad


I wasn’t aware of Swiftkey - will have to try it. Literatim was the first thing in this vein that I had come across, but Swiftkey is sounding like a better option still, so diolch. : -)