Kernewegoryon... Help with a Quick Proof Reading?

Dydh da Kernewger teg,

Fatla genes?

My re skrifys kana nowydh yn Kernowek, mes ny allav vy perthi kov verb kernowek trelyans. Yma sodhan dhymm! :confused:Res yw dhymm gweres mar pleg.

Hello beautiful Cornish Speakers!

Okay, so I am a singer songwriter from Truro currently travelling the world, and I have started writing songs in Cornish.

The thing is, I get confused with some of the tense/ gender mutations as it has been MANY years since I have spoken the language with anyone else.

I would really love it if someone could glance over the lyrics that I have written and make sure that they are as gorgeous as possible.

If you know anyone, please forward them my details, or contact me here.

Meur ras and many thanks!