Kenilworth, Warwick and Leamington Spanish Meetup groups

These are thriving groups with a mixture of abilities and include a number of native speakers; sometimes from Spain and sometimes from South America. As well as this we have a number of Brits who lived in Spain.

We meet once a week in a pub - the evening might change and the venue also but it is somewhere in Kenilworth. You can find us by searching “Charla y Bebidas” (chat and drinks).

Also monthly on a Saturday morning is “Desayuno y Charla” (breakfast and chat) from 10 a.m to about 1 pm in Havana cafe. Again details can be found by searching for the session name.

I started going when I was doing Spanish Level 1 and had some difficulties but improved a lot by having to use Spanish for real.


Can I big this up; these groups have really taken off in the last month or two. We are now getting 15 - 20 speakers with a good smattering of “Nativos” from Spain and Latin America. We also have a number of Brits who have been living or working in Spain/South America who are very good speakers.

Despite the above all levels are encouraged and welcome

The sessions are very lively and to encourage attendance, the pubs lay on snacks.

Come and join us if you in the area.

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Wow, that’s absolutely awesome! Great work. I’m jealous of you!.. :slight_smile: