Kellogg's Ceiliog

Apparently the reason there is a cockerel on Kellogg’s Corn Flakes is because on a visit to the United States the Welsh harpist Nansi Richards met Kellogg who was looking for marketing ideas for the cereal and Nansi told him that the name Kellogg sounded like the Welsh word Ceiliog (cockerel)! The red green and white colours are also possibly inspired by the colours of the Welsh flag. (not sure if any of that is actually true but I definitely won’t forget the word Ceiliog!)


Wow, I was wondering about this just the other day. It almost seems like I remember seeing the word Ceiliog in association with Kellogg’s Corn Flakes when I was young. Probably just my imagination messing with my distant memories. :laughing:

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I think I’ve read this on the net somewhere somne time ago so appearantly it’s all true. :slight_smile:


This is from 1901 - at least 50 years before the Cockerel appeared on the cereal packet. Maybe Mr Kellog was interested in his family name and asked the question to Nansi, rather than the other way around?. People have written books on the family and the name and whatever the precise origin of the cockerel on the cereal packet - it is quite likely that the family may have been aware of the link between their name and a cockerel via celtic words like Ceiliog and this may have sparked a conversation or two. Kellog (and also Henry Ford) were sponsors of Nansi and they did talk and socialise, so it all ties together as something that probably would have been talked about…