Keeping up and technical problems

The flood of recordings on this and the 5 minute thread are very heartening but, to be honest, I am finding I can’t keep up as I’d want to especially when it comes to recording my responses. I am concerned that it may be assumed that I am not interested in the excellent contributions so I wanted to make it clear that is definitely not the case.

Technical problems: I know @tatjana has addressed the issue of recording on to SoundCloud (even corresponding with them). To sum up my own experience: I’ve installed the SC app on my android tablet but find I can record to it direct but not upload files, whereas on my Windows desktop and Linux (Ubuntu) netbook I can upload files but not record direct. :confounded:

If and when I become slicker with this process, I hope to respond more frequently.


I’ve actually replied to a few of the recorded questions, but I must admit I’ve had to resort to a hand written list to keep track of who has posted which question and which ones I’ve replied to. I fear that it might be overwhelming to anyone coming in new to the game next week.

Regarding not being able to record directly to Soundcloud, I’ve found the easiest ways are:

  1. use the simple voice recorder on my phone. I record using that and then add to DropBox where I can find and upload it to SoundCloud using my computer. It doesn’t have to be DropBox. You can use your preferred method of getting a recording from phone to computer.

  2. if I’m sitting at my computer, I record using the free Audacity software, export the file as an MP3 and then upload to SoundCloud.


Me too, some days I have time, sometimes I can go weeks without a minute’s peace in the house to record. If you don’t get a reply from me I am not being rude! :slight_smile:


I echo this completely! Really hard to keep up just with listening to everything, and I only have certain times that I"m able to record, so that makes it even harder to stay current. I’ll participate as I am able, but my lack thereof is certainly no judgement on anyone’s question or lack of interest on my part :slight_smile:

Agree with this, too.

I’m recording with Audacity on my PC, exporting to MP3 and uploading to Soundcloud. Admittedly, I’ve used Audacity before, but I I had to install it on my new computer to do these recordings and it was a pretty simply process. Answering the questions and listening to myself afterwards is WAY more daunting than the technical bit! :scream:



I’m away for the weekend so am feeling like I’m going to need a whole week to catch up (the wifi isn’t quite good enough to upload soundcloud files and struggles with playing them).


If it helps, I found that my laptop (which has Windows 10) has a built in Voice Recorder - it’s tucked away at the bottom of the list of ‘things the computer does’ on the start menu and has a microphone icon. I record on that and it gives me the chance to rename the recording and automatically saves it to a folder in ‘documents’. Then I open Soundcloud and upload the file to that, then share onto this section. I do all that for each question individually because if I recorded a batch and then uploaded them, I’m sure I’d end up sticking answers on the wrong questions. I’ve found it to be much easier doing it this way than I was expecting, and now it doesn’t take long at all. I’m also somewhat ‘technologically challenged’, so it was less stressful for me than worrying about downloading extra apps and such.


Many thanks to you all for taking the time to reply. I follow the same procedures as you do from your different platforms. My concern is that, even in my relatively idle retirement, I can’t find time to keep up with the gratifyingly rapid flow and I wanted to say that this was not for lack of interest. In other words I am offering my excuses to people who have taken time to contribute.
The usual procedure I follow is:

  • Listen to the question/contribution
  • Think of a response
  • Record the response using Audacity
  • Export as mp3 file (or compredded equivalent) to my local computer (or cloud)
  • Upload to Soundcloud via a browser
  • Compose response on SSiW forum and paste in link from SoundCloud

It’s this that I need to streamline and I’m sure I will get slicker.
Diolch eto :smile:


Thanks again Siaron - I use Audacity in preference to Voice Recorder since it’s much more flexible/powerful (and I think it’s a brilliant piece of community software).


I agree, so I’ve decided not to - if (when!) any of my stuff sounds dreadful, you guys can do the cringing for me! :grin: :wink:


As far as keeping up goes, I’m afraid it’s only practical for me to dip in and out, rather than listening to absolutely everything. I guess that is likely to be the pattern for a great many people, so don’t feel bad about it!

Regarding recording into the Android app for Soundcloud, I find that it uploads directly when you name it - as long as you choose the ‘public’ option. I find that this is a quick and easy way to do it. Otherwise, it uploads as ‘private’ and you can only make it public and share it by going in via the desktop version. (I don’t think it saves to the phone’s storage at all.)


Keeping up? I’ve yet to work out the first recordy bit. I really want to join in (aside from the dry-mouthed horror of recording myself), but despite everyone saying it’s easy (or was that in my head?) I’m the one in a wet heap over there, waiting for skills to suddenly appear… :scream:


OK ladies and gentlemen. Prepare for discovery before it’s gone … :smile:

I don’t know how old Androids you have and how old is your app, but I’ve run some tests for you and discovered that SoundCloud Music & Audio app does offer the recording but it’s a bit covered up. After you enter the app you should tap hamburger menu which brings you to your settings. There you’ll see the option “Record” and if you tap it you’ll be able to record directly and also post what you’ve recorded.



For the proof of it you can find my recording here:

Oh, and recording is in Cymraeg of course. …

You have two SoundCloud apps on Google Play and the other is SoundCloud Pulse. But on this app I really can’t find the direct recording neither upload button despite it says that it’s meant especially for creators and in the instructions you get before entering for the first time it says you can do all this and more.

So,good old "SoundCloud Music & Audio app will do exactly what you want - DIRECT RECORDING AND POSTING

Oh, and to keep trakc … why not keeping track on SoundCloud itself at least in the part which question you’ve already reponded to and which not? …



Nope - there’s already too much stuff for anyone to be able to keep up with everything - and we’re going to be pushing and promoting this, until it turns into the biggest set of online slow motion conversations in Welsh anywhere in the world.

So we are all going to have to be relaxed about the ‘dipping in and out’ approach - because that’s what we’re ALL going to be doing… :slight_smile:

Have you been thinking to yourself that I’m not interested in all these excellent contributions?

No, of course not - and yet you are already MILES ahead of me in how many responses you’ve posted!


@hewrop, why not making the playlist on SoundCloud of all those tracks you’ve already responded to? If I ever come to that greeny and bluey thingy I’ll probably do just that. …


I feel guilty I’ve taken up so much of your time needlessly, @tatjana. I tried to make it clear that I CAN record via the android app but that one CANNOT upload via that app (my app and android OS are both up to date BTW). The reverse is true for my Windows and Linux setups when accessing SoundCloud via an internet browser.
This is what I actually said in my original post

To sum up my own experience: I’ve installed the SC app on my android tablet but find I can record to it direct but not upload files, whereas on my Windows desktop and Linux (Ubuntu) netbook I can upload files but not record direct.

If you saw me wearing my 1960s anorak, you’d realise that I have no problems with the techie bits of IT. :laughing:

Once again, I’m very grateful for the time you and others have taken addressing the technical issues when all I should really have said (without explanation) is “Forgive me, it’s not possible to give timely responses to all the posts I want to.”



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Hey, hey … @hewrop, hold on! :slight_smile:

I’ve read and perfectly understood what you’ve written and I also know you’re “techy geek” but those two particular thingys made me go and explore the thing because I have griefed for the possibility of direct recording too. I’ve just posted things here because I felt this is more apropriate topic to continue to publish my “doiscoveries” than into “recordings” topic itself.

Apart from that, I wanted to try what SoundCloud Pulse can do if it’s created for creators but am a bit disappointed upon its features.

Further on … my Android device IS NOT UP TO DATE! It’s an old pice of junk which is about to die prety soon as the screen has air holes beneath the surface and the device itself goes totally mad from time to time appearing as if one would tap on the screen every single half of a second. That’s why I’ve asked about how updat4ed are your Androids because I actually feared that with updating the system and app for that matter could take this direct recording away for some reason.

So,no guilt on your side and no appologies needed. You know I’m nosy (a bit techy) person who has to explore and try whatever I can … :slight_smile:


Tatjana :slight_smile:


Hi @cat-1. If I can do it then I know that you can! I find it a bit long-winded because I don’t use apps on my mobile phone - I use Audacity on my PC, upload to Soundcloud and paste the link to the forum. Tatjana advised me. It is really quite straightforward as long as I remember to switch the microphone on. I had never heard of Soundcloud before! I like to think that Audacity gives a better sound quality. (Though maybe a worse sound quality would disguise the mistakes?) Hope to see you again soon.


I’ve managed to record and post on soundcloud (user -6232343) but can’t figure out how to get from soundcloud to the forum. I’m just using an ipad and when I choose share its like soundcloud wants to send an email message and is looking for an email address to send to. ?
Any help gratefully received.

When you choose share, you should see a URL link open in a little box. You need to copy that link and then paste it straight into the reply you post here. When you press ‘reply’ to post it, it should automatically upload the soundwavy file thingy into the reply box.

I hope that makes sense - is that the best way @tatjana (I call on you, oh tech-angel!)