Keeping record of where you are

The old system I believe used to keep track as to where you’d got to. (But now I think about it it was on my mobile which may have made the difference perhaps)

Anyway is there a preference/option setting you can use which will make the new version go to the current lesson when I log on. I can see its remembers the correct dialect for me. (unless thats a lucky co-incidence. I’ll test that a bit more)

Otherwise I think SSi is bendigedig!

Diolch yn fawr


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If you use the SSiW app on a mobile device, that will always take you to where you left off.

Are you doing the 6 Minutes structured course? That usually takes you directly to your current week when you log in.

Or are you just doing it using ‘Learn’ then ‘Challenges’? I think that usually retains the last challenge you were looking at in the URL.

Hi Deborah

Many thanks for your response. I’m logging on and taking the next challenge from where I remember I got up to. I’ll try Learn>>Challenges and I’ll do it on mobile again but in the meantime could you kindly tell me about the structured 6 minute course please?


I’ve found the 6min structured class so don’t worry about giving me deatils of that
Many thanks

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