Just wanting to say hi to all the online bootcampers

Hi All,

I’ve been reading through your posts. It’s great to see so much enthusiasm all around the world. I must say I shuddered at the details of the first challenge. I live in Australia and couldn’t imagine saying bore da to strangers. How did it go? I’ll keep reading your threads and no doubt hear about your progress. Cario ymlaen. It’s great to hear about people doing a bootcamp as part of their daily lives. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re following, Elizabeth. I feel rather isolated in the internet ether, and tossing off Welsh to strangers.

No one batted an eye when I said “Bore da” – I think they must have edited it out, assuming they’d misheard!

I found that people didn’t take any notice either, because i said bore da and then carried on in English.

You’re doing great things, ‘Bore da’ greeters of the world!..:star: