Just started learning Welsh

I’ve just started learning Welsh with the six minutes a day course. I finished challenge 1 in one day (I was already familiar with some words) and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to do challenge two tomorrow (I wouldn’t mind:smile):, or if I should wait until next week.
I want to make sure I’m not rushing things.
Thank you very much for you help :slight_smile:

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I’ve been in a similar position, and now due to lockdown have more time to progress more quickly. I’m now on lesson 16 and just started my 6th week of learning. I find I could do most challenges once at the beginning but as I progressed especially challenges 12,13 and 14 I had to re-do sections just to bed it in.

Go at your own speed it’s been working for me so far


Hello Alexandra,

before the structure courses everybody had to find their own pace - based on their preferences and available time (and mind focus and energy!).

I knew a 2-week summer vacation would be a good chance for me, having started SSiW just a few days earlier. So I set my mind to finish it, and I did! :grin:

Of course I didn’t learn every single word and felt a bit confused at the end.
Then took a break, and when I started Level 2 I found out I had learnt much more than I’d expected.

With this, I don’t mean you should necessarily do this…just to say I guess you can experiment a bit with learning speed - as long as you enjoy yourself! :slight_smile:



Yep, your own pace is fine and the best way ahead. When you are ok without using the pause button about 80% of the time, dal i fynd, keep going!
And try to have a conversation as soon as possible with someone, just using the words you know. If you need to, use an English word, but always try to rephrase what you are trying to say first. And enjoy!!
If you look through the forum, there are threads where people offer to chat using Skype etc… might be a good place to start.
Pob lwc - good luck!

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