Just spoke Welsh for the first time - in Cambridge!

Hi everyone, I’m a real beginner on week 16 of the beginner’s course. It’s started telling me to try to have real Welsh conversations, which isn’t too easy when you’re English living in Kent. Anyway, we were in John Lewis in Cambridge today and got into the lift with a man and his two children. He asked us which floor we wanted, and then started chatting away to his kids in Welsh. My husband gave me a massive nudge but my brain went blank. I couldn’t ask him to speak more slowly or tell him I want to read the book about his brother. :laughing:

But as we left, he opened the doors for us and I said thank you very much, in Welsh. (Sorry can’t write it as I’m trying not to look much at the written word yet.) He looked totally surprised and stunned and replied with something with welcome in it - presumably, you’re welcome.

I was so chuffed, even though it’s only a baby step!


It sounds like one of the guys who comes to our group in Cambridge ( that’s when we get back ) If he has two boys. then it’s probably Wyn from Anglesey. Nice to hear you had chance to Say Something in Welsh.


He did have two boys. Hi Wyn, if you ever read this!

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Yes it sounds like Wyn. He’s a member of the group and comes to the meetups in Cambridge regularly but since COVID I’ve not seen or heard much from him

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Well done for trying,

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Fantastic, @jane-62! Any small step you take is one step further towards your goal, so you’re making progress! Well done you. :grinning:


What a lovely story!