Just saying hello (forgot to do this)

Hello, my name is Marc. I was going through the emails from SSIW and realised I had not done an introduction on here. I am Welsh, born & bred, I was born in Aberdare and brought up in Merthyr Tydfil. I still live in Merthyr although I currently work for the NHS in Bristol. I am a fairly new learner, the last course I had attempted was the big welsh challenge on the BBC website. In terms of Welsh speakers, I would be the only one of my generation within my immediate family able to speak Welsh. My Grandparents could speak Welsh but never really passed it down and passed whilst I was quite young. As I am getting older I seem to be gaining a greater appreciation for my Welsh heritage. I have made it a very strong new years resolution to learn our language and hopefully by this time next year I will have a little bit of fluency (hopefully!!).

I’m not sure what they are called but I completed the taster? sessions last week and will be starting with the structured course tonight. I am also trying to embrace the language by playing around with the words I have picked up so far and watching S4C where possible. This is where I am at the moment;

dwi trio dysgu cymraeg achos Dwi caru Cymru a dwi moyn yr iaeth cymraeg parhau. Byddwn i caru i allu siarad cymraeg.

Sorry if it doesn’t quite make sense, again it was just an attempt to play around with language a little. Nice to meet you all! :slight_smile:


Welcome @marc-evans

That makes perfect sense - impressive! I’m from Brecon originally - @emma-ireland - who is from Merthyr too - and I, are in a zoom chat on Saturdays - so give us a shout when you are feeling ready - we could with some Southern Welsh reinforcements! :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


Yes, hi Marc! There are quite a few from Merthyr on the slack group too. Go into the introduce yourself page when you’ve got started, and I’m sure a few more people will say hi. Do you know caffi soar in town? There will be a warm welcome for you there when everything opens back up :grinning: hope to chat soon!


Yes I am amazed how many people there are from Merthyr! I only just discovered that we have a Welsh speaking cafe in Merthyr too, I’m excited to try it when its open again :slight_smile:


Hi Marc.
Great to have you on board. Yes the Caffi Soar centre is a great place and such an encouragement. I’m just down the A465 from you :wink: in Skewen. Impressive Welsh by the way and goes without saying: thanks for your work with the NHS. Go for it.


Thanks John :slight_smile:

Hi Marc,
I’m a Merthyr girl too but unfortunately have moved to the dark side I.e England :rofl:. Live in Lydney but work in Gloucester. Tried and failed so many times to learn Welsh. Hard when you dont have anyone to practice with. But if SSiW doesnt do it nothing will. Learned more in 6 lessons than ever did with the BBC stuff !
Good luck - maybe we should get a Merthyr group together to zoom chat. :+1:


That sounds like a great idea. I’ve been back in Merthyr for coming up on three years now, I was living in Bristol prior to that.

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