Just requested an invitation to join Slack,

and was kindly sent an invitation by Dee. As I’m rather disorganised, I wasn’t ready to respond in time, and I think the invitation may have timed out. I feel I’ve been rude, and would like to apologise. Would it be acceptable to send another request in the morning, when I have more time?

Thanks (and my apologies again.

Well Steve, I’ve just checked on Slack and there’s a @SteveBurrows already there! Unless it’s your namesake, I assume it must be you? I’ve noted your profile on here and can confirm that I can give you a few years. If you’d like an introductory chat on Slack to try it out, let me know - by direct message here or on Slack if necessary. Alan.


Thank you very much, Alan. That is me. Is tomorrow morning any good for you, or should I just send a message and see whether you’re available?t

Hi Steve, I’ve now messaged you directly.