Just me or does it suddenly get a LOT harder in challenge 13?

My brain is hurting and I can’t get to the end of ANY of the sentences!!!


No It’s not just you, it hits almost everyone. If you search for ‘challenge 13’ in the magnifying glass box top right, you will find over 10 other threads where people have discussed the difficulties with Challenges 13 and 14!


I remember posting the very same thing after 13…you are definitely not alone :heart_eyes:

The advice I received was to carry on moving forward and, if I still felt the same after another few lessons, roll back and try it again.

I got stuck in and suddenly it clicked! I went back to try it again recently, just for giggles, and found it so much easier. I’m sure the same will happen to you :blush:

This advice has stood me in good stead every time I hit that roadblock…yes, it has happened a good few times since. But each time this method has worked for me…fingers crossed it does for you too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks, both - very reassuring to know it’s not just me!!!


It’s not just you. 13 almost brought me to breaking-point when I first tried it. Impossible, I thought at the time. But it gets better the longer you go into the course, honest!

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Hello @patriciacarswell first.

Well, not to repeat myself too many times, I’ve written once (well many more times than once I believe) on this forum about this challenge. It really is one of the hardest and if it helps here Ahhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrr is my comment on this.

The title of the topic (which I am not the author of) says it all though, I believe so you’re definately not alone in this. There were people before you strugling and I strongly believe there will be many more to come with strugles.

Dal ati! (keep going)

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