Just have to share something funny

So, after having done my lesson and listening/speaking practices for today, I decided that my “outside” listening practice would be something on YouTube. I decided to check out Hwb, and randomly chose Rhaglen 1. Imagine my surprise when the last segment turned out to be about the SSiW 3rd Parti Penblwydd! There were Aran and Iestyn and lots of SSiWers ( I think I even recognized one or two) right on my screen! Never in a million years would I have expected that…I guess there are no coincidences in this life!

I’m still smiling…what a nice surprise :slight_smile:


that is funny :smile:

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We’ll let you escape eventually (once you speak Welsh)…:wink:


@aran There’s such an undertone of “mwahahahah” there… :slight_smile:

Dw i’n gallu siarad Cymraeg tipyn bach, a bydda i’n siarad Cymraeg yn dda nes 'mlaen, diolch i SSiW!


Mae hynny yn ysbryd!

(For the difference of me who is not in the mood for anything at all at the momment…)

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That was really funny coincidence because now I can’t find it.

(might be @aran suggested they rather put it away :slight_smile: MUAHAHA!) :slight_smile: )

@tatjana If you go to Dal Ati on YouTube, and look under “Playlists”, Hwb-Rhaglen 01 is at the very bottom of the list. The SSiW parti is the last video in that playlist.

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Diolch yn fawr iawn @AnnaC.

I found it and watched it despitre it’s 2+ am here right now and I’ll just have to go to bed. :slight_smile: It was great to see all those people (despite besides @aran and @iestyn I don’t actually recognize anyone else … (yah, my face recognition ability is terrible …))

But still, this was somehow destined for yuo to come across and watch as it’s really hard to find …


Sometimes the universe just has a sense of humor…I came home from work feeling pretty tired and not up to making my brain work very hard. Sometimes when I feel like that, I’ll do an old lesson just for easy practice. It’s better than doing nothing :slight_smile: So I lay down on the couch and picked Course 1 Lesson 11 at random. It’s the lesson that contains galw, cwmpo, amadana i, amdanat ti, among other things. Then I got up to make supper and turned on Radio Cymru. What song comes on? One called “Galw Amdanat Ti”! Picture me standing in my kitchen laughing…good thing no one else was home!


The universe clearly wants you to become a Welsh speaker…:wink:

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