Just got recommended ‘teach your cat Welsh’

I’m quite tickled that after a few days of poking through Welsh language books on Amazon, it advertised ‘Teach Your Cat Welsh’ to me. (Rest assured, they have a version for dogs too!) Alas it’s out of stock, so for now I’ll have to carry on DIYing my conversations with fy gath.

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Its available from lots of Welsh bookshops and in stock at the publisher too https://www.ylolfa.com/products/9781912631087/teach-your-cat-welsh

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Thanks for recommending the site, didn’t think to look for a way to just order directly from them.

I had ordered a used copy of this one off eBay, because nature stories sounds like a chill thing to practice reading

Although I am a bit sad to see they have Blodau Cymru listed, but it’s out of stock. Being in the US, it’s hard to get some things through the local library, but I’ve put in a request for that one. According to worldcat.org there’s a solitary copy in the Library of Congress, so hopefully I’ll get to borrow it :slight_smile:

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It’s an excellent little book. I gave it to my sister for Christmas some years ago. Her Welsh is still rudimentary but the cat is pretty fluent.


@gareth-59 you mean it ignores her in two languages? :joy:

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Ti’n nabod y cath yn dda iawn. (I think that’s correct? Never quite sure when gwbod turns to nabod…)

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nabod is correct there - it’s nabod (from adnabod) to know a person/creature and gwbod to know a fact/how something is done :slight_smile:

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If I could, I’d teach my cat ‘Dw i eisiau brecwast - nawr! Rhaid i ti bwyda fi.’

The idea of a tiny furry friend poking me in the face before the sun is up and asking for things in Welsh just tickles me.

Also, ‘Dw i wedi blino…’ as the cat lies in the sun, having done nothing all day