Just finishing level 2, 6 mins per day


Hi, I’m just coming to the end of level 2. The last six months (level 2) has been a struggle due to time pressures/learning vocab. I would like to go through level 2 again, is that possible? Do I have to download stuff before my course finishes to achieve this? Thanks, Jeff.

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Hi Jeff,

Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations on reaching the end of Level 2. Your subscription is to the website which gives you all the learning material, so it doesn’t finish automatically at the end of a particular course. That means you can go back over the Level 2 material if you wish.

You can cancel it at any time, but you need an active subscription to access the material online. If you’re going to cancel your subscription, you need to download the audio files first. You can do that either with the download arrow to the left of each inline player, or by going to ‘Learn’ then ‘Challenges’ on the website and using the download link there.

Diolch Deborah :slightly_smiling_face:

I am also at the end of level 2 and I will continue with level 3. I assume I can just do this through the Forum as I will continue my subscription. Don’t feel ready for the Deep End yet!!!
Thanks for the most enjoyable language lessons I have ever had.