Just finished level 2

Partly inspired by @essenbee’s learning log I decided to accelerate my pace of doing the Spanish lessons. I’ve been doing two or four lessons a day this month and just did the last one from level 2.

There were a couple of nasty ones, but otherwise I didn’t find the lessons too difficult. Mostly I made mistakes when I couldn’t hear the difference in the English sentences with “you’d”, “you’re”, “you’ve”. Totally annoying. :rage:

I did checked grammar for some of those verb forms and they are subjunctives. Right. Finnish don’t have those.

Mostly I got annoyed of all those different translations for the English “feel”. Had to do some googling to get explanations since I couldn’t get the feel of the different usages. (Pun intended. :wink:)

Any changes of getting daily practises like Welsh? @aran?

And of course, to make the lessons a bit more difficult, I wanted to use the pronunciation of Spanish in Spain. So I had to check how the words were written to get it right. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Excellent stuff @tygerc! I noticed your points shooting up in Memrise - are you using it for Spanish alongside SSi? I agree thst some of the verbs in the course seem to be remarkably multi-functional! There are also plenty of subtle differences in very similar seeming words. Spanish is a much more interesting language than I anticipated, really quite adictive.

I am finding Challenge 5 as much of a struggle as I found the rest of Level 2 so far. I really don’t understand why at this point. I went over lessons 3 and 4 again today and they were not hard at all, but on the first listen of 1 to 5 so far, I have come away thinking that they were pretty difficult. Hopefully 5 will feel easy tomorrow!

Congats once again. Are you going to do the tourist course next or have you already done that?

Hasta pronto,


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I’ve been doing Irish, Hebrew and Swedish on Memrise. The Duolingo courses really need Memrise as companion. But I think I could start the Spanish there again.

I’ve done the tourist course way back when it was new so I think I’ll skip it for now.


Nope, afraid that’s the old model - but we will have listening exercises for Level 2 before too long, and those will be all you need (plus occasional re-runs of the last couple of sessions)… :slight_smile: