Just finished level 1 challenge 18 (southern), looking for a zoom conversation partner

Helô! (I hope I’ve posted in the correct place) I feel like I have enough welsh to have a conversation, but as I live in Ohio I have no chance to run into anyone in the wild! Anyone looking for a conversation partner via zoom? I can be flexible time zone wise, so no need to be from the US :grinning:


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Hopefully you’ll get some replies here, but if you put “partner” into the search facility (the magnifying glass on the top bar), you’ll see loads of threads with people looking for speaking partners which you could respond to, and there are plenty from the US as well as elsewhere.

Another option is if you register with the open Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) Slack group, there is a channel called #the-americas that you can join. That’s another good place to find people to chat with online who live in the American time zones. But of course there are channels for people not in the US that you can join too.
If you’re not a member of the WSP, just send an email to admin@saysomethingin.com with WSP as the subject and you’ll receive an invitation to join.


Hi Erica, I’d be up for giving it a go. Im in the UK, but we cohld probably find a time that suited us both?

Great! I’ll send you a message! :slight_smile:

@EricaDawn there are a few SSiWers living in Ohio here - try contacting them through Anyone here? - Welsh / US/Canada

There is also a very competent new Welsh speaker living in Ohio on Twitter - @grdnlyb

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Hi Erica,

I’m in Oxford, just starting level 2, and would be happy to do some basic conversation practice if there’s a suitable time.

All the best