Just checking: mi and i serve many purposes, right?

My search-fu was completely useless against the ubiquity of “i” and “mi” in the forum, so apologies if this is adequately covered elsewhere.

I’m getting the strong sense that both “mi” and “i” serve different roles, and I’m trying to see if I’ve identified some of them.


  • Sometimes means “me”
  • Sometimes is a positive particle affirming a sentence, like “mi fedri di”-the-statement, “you can”, vice “fedri di?”-the-question, “can you?”. This usage is optional, causes soft mutation per another thread here, is sometimes implied, but most definitely has nothing whatsoever to do with “me” or “I” in English, don’t worry about it


  • Sometimes means “I”
  • Sometimes means “to” as in “Mae o mynd i ddweud rhybeth” or the second i in “Dw’i isio i ti siarad rwan” (and causes soft mutation following)
  • Sometimes is a different preposition
  • But most definitely does not always mean “I” or “me”, don’t worry about it

Diolch yn fawr


Yep, you’re on the right track. :slight_smile:

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