June Bwtcamp Mehefin 2020 - ***Fully Booked***

The second Tresaith Bwtcamp of 2020 is here!

It will run from 4pm Saturday 20th June - 10 am Saturday 27th June. Please let me know below if you want to be a part of it! Once we have enough names (about 14 usually) then we’ll open booking on a first come first serve basis. As am experiment, this will be based on the order in which people have expressed an interest, so get your names down here, and when I open booking, I will contact you in batches.

Please ask any specific June Bwtcamp questions below.

For more general questions and information about Bwtcamp, take a look at the 2020 page here

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Me please. I have just finished level 3 and am desperate to put what I know into practice :blush:

Much as I really want do do a Bwtcamp, I’m afraid I’m on holiday then. Maybe the next one, but please keep me on the waiting list for the April one.

I would like to express my interest! I have also finished level three.

Being as i failed to act quickly enough get onto Bwtcamp Ebrill I’m definitely keen to be part of Bwtcamp Mehefin Iestyn!

Thanks Iestyn. That is the very week that I will be on holiday in Llangrannog. Unlucky again!! Please keep my name on the list for future bwtcamps and especially on the reserve list for the April one. Thanks. Peter.

Hi Lestyn

I would love to do that but could I come on Sunday 29th as I have a wedding to go to on Saturday? I finished Level 3 a while ago.

Many thanks

Thanks for looking at alternative booking arrangements @Iestyn. I’m interested in June please.

Thank you for running a new booking method, that’s much appreciated. Yes please count me in as wanting to go to the June Bwtcamp Saturday 20th June to Saturday 28th June if there’s a space!

I’d like to go on this one, if possible, please. :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too, please!

Yes please Iestyn, I managed to get to the sing song last year thanks to Kevin from green flag, lol. Now I’d like to do the whole week

Hi Iestyn,

I’d like to express a cautious interest. It would take some logistical doing as I am far away, but I can’t imagine better timing, so it’s possible, at least! I am interested! I finished level three a while ago and chat somewhat regularly at Siaron’s dangos a dweud…

@Iestyn yes please iestyn i would like to do this one. Di Matthews

Definitely interested!

Edit: I’m halfway through challenge 1 now but can definitely finish it by June (and likely get on to level 2).

Hi Lestyn

I just read my post again! I meant could I come on Sunday 21st as wedding on Saturday 20th ?! Don’t think it would be much fun coming on 29th! I blame my contact lenses :slightly_smiling_face:.

Many thanks
Best wishes

Hi, I am interested in this one.

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That sounds very interesting, please put me on the list. I’m halfway through Level 2, and confident that I can finish it and move on to Level 3 before then. I’m desperate to be able to converse with my son’s in-laws from rural Carmarthenshire. Everyone around there speaks English pretty much as a last resort!

Ie, fi hefyd. Ac fel rhywun arall, allwn i ddim cyrraedd tan bore Sul. Fyddai’n iawn?

I would like to express an interest again, I missed out on the last one and was gutted!