'Jump In The Deep End' Course

I noticed whilst looking at the two year and six month course that there is a reference to a ‘jump in the deep end’ course for people who have completed level 1. I was wondering if there is any update on this? Diolch

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Yes! Got the structure figured out, and currently writing it all up - so it will, to my considerably surprise, actually be ready for the first people to finish the 6 month course… :slight_smile:

But it turned out to be tricky/impossible to make it work for a) people who’d finished the 6 month course and b) people who’d done Level 1 - so what we’ll be recommending is that people who’ve done Level 1 under their own steam do the same with Level 2 before jumping in at the Deep End for Level 3… :slight_smile:


Thanks Aran for your speedy response.

I have completed the old level 1 course. I have done this with a friend with the supervision of my mother in law - a first language Welsh speaker and former welsh teacher. Level 1 went well but struggling with motivation with level 2 - a combination of a new baby and getting us all in a room together to get a lesson done.

My question is, is the two year course any different to the standard course - any extra learning aides etc. Or would you suggest We soldier through level 2 and then going the jump in the deep end later on?

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When do you plan to unveil the structure/content for the In at the Deep End Course, Aran? People are chomping at the bit now! :yum:

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Yup, the structured courses basically = the lesson content + the extra steps we’ve discovered on intensive courses are necessary to make sure everyone ends up talking successfully - so it’s a different beast to ‘lessons on their own’…

But it’s currently not possible to start half-way through - so I think you’d be best off pushing yourselves through Level 2 before joining the Deep End… :slight_smile:

Got to finish writing it first… :wink: And then we’ll open the doors… :slight_smile:

I finish the 6months course on Sunday 19th and I would like to do the ‘Deep End’ course. I noticed there are Deep End channels on our 6 month Slack group, so I assume this is going to be up and running soon.

Is it OK to Start Level 3 next week even if you’re not quite ready?

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Out of curiousity: Is any of these courses suitable for someone like me who doesn’t live even near to the speaking Welsh areas and can’t get access to them just with the click of the fingers? I presume the Deep end means there’s a lot of live, everyday speaking involved. You’d of course be able to nudge some people to go in a chat via Skype, Slack or similar on a daily basis but I believe it’s not even close as reaching out to the real Welsh community and jump into daily conversations.

Don’t understand me wrong though (too many people think I’m complaining when I put such questions forward, but I’m not.) I’m just asking a simple question which might be of some interest to other people not living in Wales also.



@aran - paid my first payment!


They’re all built with an international audience in mind (although of course people in areas where a lot of Welsh is spoken will find some things a bit easier to arrange, inevitably)… :slight_smile:

Whoo-hoo! I wonder if that makes you the first Deep Ender… :star: :star2:

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So I presume this works more or less like a Bobsleed run where you don’t need to be “on the spot” (read somewhere with other learners also doing Deep End). Am I right into thinking this? If so I might jump in one (not so distant) day just to boost my lazyness out of me and force myself to work properly. At the moment I’m prety much doing the “jump out the deep end” rather than in … But this must change one way or another I think. :slight_smile:


Hi @aran , I have just finished the old course 3 after level 3. (you made me cry at the end of course 3 - in a good way!)
Do you think the deep end course would be good for me? I need to improve my range of vocabulary and fluency. I have managed the bwtcamp therapy weekend and a visit from Milla and Elizabeth Jane Corbett this summer but I really want to improve my fluency so that I will be comfortable volunteering at next years Eisteddfod.


Aran, I finished Level 3 under my own steam in April, and since then I have been trying to take part in 1 or 2 hangouts on Slack every week, as well as listening to Radio Cymru as often as I can and doing a little reading.

My questions are (a) would the Deep End course be suitable for someone like me? And (b) is it something you can start at any time? I’m going to be away quite a bit in Sept / Oct so not the best time to commit right now. I’d love to have a go at it after that though, if that’s an option.I

I’m another one who doesn’t live anywhere near a Welsh speaking area.

Oh, and where do I look to find out about costs?

Thank you!

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Ahem, sorry about that :flushed: :wink:

People who’ve done Level 3 - I would personally tend to think that it’s just about you taking responsibility for your own frequency of usage - in other words, the Deep End won’t introduce you to new material - but if you feel that you’re not going to press on without the appropriate kicks in appropriate areas, then the challenges it sets (if you accept them!) might be the push you need.

If I’d done Level 3, I wouldn’t do the Deep End - I’d just be down the pub - but I might not be a good model, because I don’t think I’d have done the 6 month course either…:wink:

The Deep End is going to be the same as the 6 month course (which is in the process of moving over to £40 a month) but for just the 3 months instead of 6… :slight_smile:

So, since we (where I work) are media house with about 47 cafee bars (yup these too) allover Slovenia, I just have to persuade the carrer of those bars to recruite some Welsh staff in each of them (one being in my birth city near where I live also). Esay-peesy! :slight_smile:

Wish me luck on this. :slight_smile:

Siriously now, thank you for an answer which answers my question too. But well, this Deep end is not on location, yes but you can do it at home, right?


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I think that I have had sufficient kicks from @elizabeth_jane, I’ll go to the pub…


Did I kick you? :flushed: I thought you were highly motivated - Bootcamp, Mila, me, Cymdeithas yr Iaith. You are on the way my friend. Don’t doubt yourself.


Of course in the best most encouraging and caring way. I have a renewed enthusiasm!

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Now that’s a superb idea… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yup, you can do this at home… :slight_smile:

Thanks, Aran. I’ll keep going as I am for now then and see how I do. It’s more opportunity than motivation that I am seeking - and I guess it’s up to.me to make sure I make best use of Slack, the Forum etc!