Joining a skype group

Are there skype groups out there that accept new members? I am on challenge 15 level 2. I would probably be more of a listener starting off, but would like to be able to hear others speaking in a live situation. I live in the US so I don’t get much opportunity to participate in a Welsh conversation.

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There is one centred around this thread:

which is currently on hold for summer but may start up again in autumn.

Contact is @ramblingjohn .


Yep, hoping to re-open in the Autumn and hear about peoples summer.
All will be welcome.

Cheers J.P.


There used to be a few Skype groups that met regularly and were centered in different time zones, but they gradually dropped off. I’ll put a note in this week’s newsletter to see if others might like to get in touch and get something going over the summer. You never know.