Jesus Prayer in Cymraeg

Hi, as I’m a beginner I can’t do this translation myself and I can’t find it online. I’m looking for a translation of the Noetic Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
Anyone able to help?
With thanks


Hi Anne

Here is a link on YouTube for the Lords Prayer in Cymraeg.

That is the only one I can find on YouTube.

If you are looking to translate it into Welsh just go to Google Translate.

May Gods sunshine always bless you with brightening your day with His love, joy and peace. Joseph a son of Jehovah

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Thank you Godwalker, I have seen the Our Father and other well-known prayers online, but not the Jesus Prayer. I can recite it in Greek, Church Slavonic, Latin, French and Spanish - but I’d really like Cymraeg!
I’ve been told by my Welsh teacher not to trust any of the online translator tools,

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Very wise!

The first part should be, “Arglwydd Iesu Grist, Mab Duw,” but I couldn’t find the rest, even though I googled.

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Thank you Margaret! It’s a start!

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Hmm… I searched for that (in quotes)"Arglwydd+Iesu+Grist%2C+Mab+Duw%2C"&t=canonical&ia=web and got quite a few results. They all seem to have the same text, though, just the following:
Arglwydd, Iesu Grist, Mab Duw, trugarhau y bechadur hwn (m) hon (f)
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on this sinner (with agreement for gender).


That’s great Richard, thank you! I will use this.

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Good morning Anne.

I totally agree with your instructors.

When I was a teach in China sometimes the students would use a translator and it would come out completely different from what I said. They were quickly banned from class.

I had never heard of The Jesus Prayer before. It is short, simple and to the point.

Gods blessings to find what you are looking for in your search

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Would be lovely if someone would be willing to post a recording for those of us who aren’t confident in our reading pronunciation yet, anyone feel able?

Lol if you want your Welsh with a Cockney accent, look no further.

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shouldn’t it be trugarhau fi, bechadur? - have mercy on me, a sinner?

As I understand it, there is more than one variant of this prayer, but I must admit that your suggestion is a more fluid and more easily memorable version. Thank you, merionwen.

You’d think, wouldn’t you? But all the sites that quote it are just collections of that prayer (or that prayer amongst others) in as many languages as possible, and give no source or provenance for their different versions, so there’s really no way of knowing whether that’s a traditional translation that’s been used by Welsh-speaking Christians for donkey’s years, or just something somebody randomly tried their best to translate for completeness’ sake (and possibly did a less than perfect job of)…


The person to ask would be a Welsh-speaking Orthodox Christian, since the prayer originates in the Orthodox Church. But I suspect those are in short supply!

There was a Welsh speaking Orthodox Christian who founded a church in Blaenau Ffestiniog. Tad Deiniol was a well known character locally, but I haven’t heard anything of him recently. I don’t know whether he’s still in Blaenau or how to contact him.

[Edited to add a thought] Of course as there has been an Orthodox Church in Blaenau for many years, it’s likely that any of the people who attend that church would be familiar with the prayer and many of them are likely to be Welsh speaking.


I was just about to reply that this comes from the Eastern orthodox church, when I saw others have already made the same point. The version I heard was actually Jesus Christ, son of God have mercy on me a sinner. The mab Duw bit has been missed out here.

Do you know if it is possible to get a DVD of the TV series? Was it Dec 2017?

I have no idea, sorry. I just found that link when I googled Tad Deiniol.

were the programs on S4C do you know?

@meirionwen, Yes, the Facebook page said it was a three-part S4C documentary.