Jeremy Vine and that very long Welsh place name

Well Jeremy Vine has been at it again, getting curious about the Welsh language and chomping at the bit wanting to learn a little more.

This time it’s this :arrow_down: which whet his appetite for more of the language…


So he got in touch with SSiW and asked if we could help him learn how to not only understand this fabulous place name, but also pronounce it as naturally as possible. So Aran, with the help of the wonderful Welsh singer songwriter Meinir Gwilym @meinirgwilym (who just happens to be a native of Anglesey) have been teaching Jeremy how to get his tongue around this challenge.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, towards the end of his his daily 9.15am programme, you will be able to see Aran and Meinir teaching Jeremy via video links.

To catch up with Monday’s programme, click here - My5

To catch up with Tuesday’s programme, click here - My5

To see today’s programme, tune in to Channel 5 at 9.15am or catch up here - My5


Catrin - Just a quick note about the Jeremy Vine bits - it is apparently only available in the UK. I tried to go watch it but it failed with the note that only people in the UK can watch. (rats…)

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For info …

Part 1 starts at 1hr 18mins.

Part 2 starts at 1hr 16mins 55secs.

Part 3 also starts at 1hr 18mins.

Who’s going to make 1 film out of all 3 clips?

Found this lil song to help out with Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch:

Joiwch :smiley:

Sionned I’m using a VPN to pretend my PC is within the UK. There are several available and some of them are free to use. I’m using winscribe with is free for a limited amount of data.

Thanks, Klaus. I’ve used a VPN in the past, but don’t have much need for it now. After all, I already know how to pronounce “that very long word!”