I've signed up for a Welsh class :)

Not too long ago I was asking people about opinions and info on doing a formal Welsh class. Well I’ve done it, I’ve signed up to do sylfaen 1 local to me in September. Exciting.

I get to buy new stationery etc now right?
I’m still using SSIW I’m so thankful for SSIW it has given me the confidence and a boast in my first steps to dysgu cymraeg. I don’t think I would’ve had the confidence to go to a formal class without all the online chats etc

:slight_smile: I never thought I’d do it but I’m excited to start in September


Hi Jen
I’ve done Mynediad and Sylfaen alongside SSIW. I found the mix to be really helpful. Not least because it taught me how to spell words. Good luck.

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One of the good things about doing a traditional Welsh class in addition to SSiW is that you meet other local Welsh learners. Our Wednesday morning informal cafe chat session developed from the class I attended. We have people who aren’t in the class who often come along, but the nucleus of the group came from the class.


Welsh language is so interesting

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