I've returned at last

Hello everyone, after a few years away, I’ve returned - and no, I haven’t been elsewhere at her Majesty’s pleasure :joy:

I downloaded the Northern version of the free lessons years ago, and even now, I can remember the dw’ in licio trio siarad cymraeg. But that’s as far as I got! Many family issues, becoming grandparents, parents getting old and ill, dementia, death, moving house, losing several jobs, custody case for my grandson… all manner of things.

But I’ve returned, and while I read the ssiw email that regularly came out, I knew I wasn’t ready to try again. But now, in a much better place mentally, and a lot more settled to be able to concentrate.

Looking forward to getting to kniw you all, as I restart my journey



Welcome back

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Croeso yn nôl. Pob luc a mwynhau:grinning: Welcome back. Good luck and enjoy:grinning:

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