I've finished course 3!

I’ve just finished course 3! I had to tell people who understand, not just my family They are pleased for me but don’t really get it. I started SSIW at Easter and have completed course 1, level1, course2 and course3.Have I retained it all?-No! Have I retained most of it?Yes!I think It’s a great way to learn. I hated French and Latin lessons at school(along time ago)and used to stare mutinously out of the window wishing I was somewhere else I wanted to learn Welsh even then-holidays in Tenby twice a year responsible for that. Recently I thought it might be possible to learn a few words of Welsh via the internet-I learned a lot more than that!.Is this the end? No it’s just the" end of the beginning " Reaching the (current) end of the course cheered me up after the Rugby on Saturday evening.If I can speak some Welsh can I pretend to be Welsh and support Wales now?I’m waiting for level 2 southern to be ready now. Hwyl



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You can more then pretend you support Cymru! You CAN support Cymru! You HAVE TO ( :slight_smile: - hehe) support Cymru!

I’ve started to support them long time before I could speak even one single Cymraeg word. (trying to remember what was the first phrase I’ve learnt … Shw mae! me thinks) :slight_smile:

Llongyfarchiadau i ti. Da iawn!

And yes … this is only the beginning. Learning a language never stops in a lifetime. There’s always something new to be learnt or something you didn’t know quite yet. Well done!


Wowzers!! Llongyfarchiadau indeed!
That’s an amazing achievement. You should feel really proud. :smile:


Llongyfarchiadau from me, too! That is a huge and impressive achievement! Da iawn ti!

(I’m only about 1/3 of the way into Course 2, but I want to pretend to be Welsh, too :slight_smile: )


Da iawn! That’s a fantastic achievement. :smile:


That’s brilliant Maureen. Well done! You have raced through that at quite a pace! (I started in March and have completed Course 1&2 and Level 1(Northern)). I’m very impressed at how much you have covered in that time!! Like you I was absolutely useless at French at school and it has been a revelation for me and beyond thrilling that I can actually do this Course. Being able to speak some Cymraeg has made me incredibly happy and I am determined to learn more and more.


Now you can watch S4C and listen to Radio Cymru and spend lots of holidays in Cymru speaking Cymraeg!!!


Wow - that is a truly remarkable rate of work! Huge, huge congratulations - absolutely fantastic… :star: :star2:


Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments. I can take no credit whatsoever for any success I may have had. It’s all down to the method! A huge thank you to all at SSIW for creating such a great resource. Its been an incredibly fun way to realise a long held ambition.


It’s a delight to hear that kind of praise - thank you so much! - but as we ALL know, the course is no good at all unless people put the (very serious!) effort in as well. So let’s share the credit…:wink: