It's Official - I can speak welsh - Census 2021

The process of filling in our census form brought me to the Welsh Speakers section.

I was so proud and pleased to announce to the world that I can speak welsh. Imagine that, an English man who can speak welsh. My wife as well, although she is proper Welsh from Pontnewydd.

I couldn’t do that at the last Census. Actually I couldn’t do that 3 years ago.
So a big THANKYOU to SSIW and all the people involved.



Llongyfarchiadau! Same here - first census I’ve been able to say that.

So, so pleased to be able to say that :).


I took a deep breath, got the Bangor University online app ‘Ap Geiriaduron’ at the ready and took my time. I completed the welsh language version.
It’s been a real boost for my confidence. It had been my aim, 3 years ago, to be able to tick that welsh speaker box.
Can I speak, read and write welsh, yes. With loads and loads of mistakes and considerable amounts of checking vocab. There are so many words that I don’t know. My grammar is terrible, but I’m not that sure that it’s all that great in English, either.



Yes, the same thing happened with me. When I got to the Welsh speakers questions asking if I could understand, read, write or speak Welsh I ticked them all, because thanks to SSiW I can! OK not perfectly, but after 77 years I still can’t speak English perfectly, either. In fact I came across two English words I had never heard of before just this last week, while I was doing a crossword. You can’t imagine the thrill it gave me to tick those boxes!!! Or perhaps you can! Diolch o galon!!! Mae SSiW yn wych, yn tydi?


+1. I love the fact I can say “I speak Welsh” and it is an unbridled joy to join in a conversation. Looking forward to travelling back to Wales again…


Pleased to say that I can add +1 to the number of Welsh Speakers in Llanrug. In the LAST Census (2011) I believe we were the most Welsh-Speaking village in the World, at 87.8%. For sure, plenty of people from Llanrug are Welsh Speakers - the vast majority. But it is nice to be able to say, thanks to SSiW, that I was able to move to Llanrug (from North West England) and actually bump up the count of speakers :slight_smile:

And yes, of course I did complete the entire cyfrifiad [ census ] online in Cymraeg :slight_smile: