It’s probably all about believing it works – What do you think?

I have just done the first 2 weeks of the SSI welsh 6-month course having previously worked up to challenge 12 on my own. I’m finding it hard to believe I will be able to plough through on and on and do all the challenges on schedule. Help me in my unbelief. (I am also doing the Mynediad course through


Hi @ken,

Absolutely - just take it one week at a time - don’t put yourself under too much pressure - try and go with the flow.

The approach is a proven winner. Use the forum and the team for help and support whenever and as often as you need it.

Well done for reaching out this evening…a bit of moral support and a chat about things can make a huge difference.

You are already en route so look forward to being a fully fledged Welsh speaker before you know it!

Rich :slight_smile:


Well thank you for your reply Rich. I am very keen and motivated - just need to have a bit more faith in the process.


I’ve said on the forum before that the SSIW method is one of the most surprising things I’ve done - firstly because it is so different to the way I’ve learnt anything else…

…secondly because, for example, 3 months after I started I attended an SSIW meeting in Leeds and had some fairly sensible Welsh conversations with people - incredible.

In other words it works.

So be prepared to be surprised on both counts!

So yes, have faith in the process.

Rich :slight_smile:


@ken Absolutely have faith in the method. It taught this American, who previously knew absolutely nothing about the Welsh language and who has no one to talk to face-to-face, to be a Welsh speaker. :grinning:

You’ve got an amazing support system right here on this forum to answer questions and to give you a boost when you need it. Don’t doubt yourself - you can do it! :+1:


Hello Ken,

when I started I had only heard Welsh in a few songs and knew nothing about it, like @AnnaC.

I didn’t really have faith in the method: I just decided to try it for three months, and then three more months, and just see what would happen.
At that point, I took a trip to Wales and well…I was able understand and speak enough to communicate with people, so I would say…believe! :wink:

(And if you have doubts, just ask again here, cause I always did and it helped me a lot to keep my motivation!)


That sounds as though (perhaps?) you might have been doing too many repetitions of the individual challenges when you were working on your own - in which case, the 6 month framework will kick you out of that, and force you into less controlled, more frightening and much faster learning…:slight_smile:

And if it turns out that (for example) you’re a higher repetition learner who needs more runs through each lesson (which is true of far fewer people than you might expect), you’ll be able to go through it at your own pace - there’s no law saying you can’t take a bit longer, although the system will nudge you to keep on moving… :slight_smile:

I appreciate all the positivity and encouragement. I’m not a higher repetition leaner. i did the first 12 challenges before signing up for the full 6 months course. I will run through the schedule as set and try and behave regarding the reps.
I am determined to engage fully in the course and be speaking by the summer.


Great - in that case, I’ve got no doubt at all - you’re doing to do far better on the 6 month course than you currently find plausible… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: