Issues with 3rd practice session

Hi, I was just wondering if it was just me or a bug, but I can’t get to the 3rd day practice session for 1 Sentence in Welsh. It just comes up with the words “1 sentence in Welsh day 3” and the checkbox to mark as done, but no content, nothing to listen to or click.
I’m downloading the app now, as I was just doing it via web browser, so maybe that will resolve the issue?

If you go to the “1 Sentence in Welsh” page on the website, at the top where it says “View day…”, drop that menu down and choose Day 3. From there, you can see the email contents for Day 3 on the website, and hopefully it will give you everything you need.

Kia ora @sl1!

Good that it’s working in the app for you, but a bit strange with the website. It sounds like a connection issue that it’s usually solved with refreshing the page, like it’s not fully downloaded for some reason.

I hope you’re enjoying what you’ve learnt so far :slight_smile: