Is Welsh used often in the area of Ammanford?

Shwmae pawb!

I’ve just finished my 3 year degree in Cardiff and in September will be moving to Bangor for a year to do a PGCE. After that year is finished me and my girlfriend plan on looking for a place to settle, she is a fluent speaker and after two years of learning now I believe I am at a decent level of Welsh and plan to keep learning. Cymraeg is a big part of both our lives and we want to be able to be immersed in it everyday. We would like to find a place to live In Wales around the Carmarthen area. I have heard Ammanford is a very Welsh speaking area, I was just wondering if anyone knew if this is true or what it is like? Would love to hear other places about, that have a high amount of Welsh speakers just to start giving us ideas! :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr iawn!

This is a good way to get an idea initially: Welsh speakers by electoral division, 2011 Census (

That gives you the percentage of Welsh speakers in different parts of Wales, though as it includes from the age of 3 upwards, in some places a percentage of those will be children in Welsh medium education.

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Ammanford has a large and very much alive and kicking Welsh speaking community. Even the ‘non-Welsh’ speakers have a lot Welsh in them.
I went to college in Ammanford, my brother worked there, my sister-in-law is Ammanford born and bred (first language Welsh) and I now nurse a lot of Ammanford ‘natives,’ most of whom speak Welsh. I’m certain this has continued in earnest to the now younger generation.
It’s a beautiful area too. Backing onto The Black Mountains.


Mae’n wir, it’s true. Lots of Cymraeg in the area.

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Yes , Rhydaman way used to be incredibly welsh speaking but when I lived there I would say it was ‘hanner a hanner’ 50% but I wasn’t interacting with the oldest generations.
Lots of non-Welsh speaking younger people have been moving into western valleys… llandeilo/ llanymddyfri (llandovery) etc due to cheaper house prices… so its a matter of finding out who speaks Welsh by being upfront and asking directly in my experience.
Compared to my spell living in Gwynedd I would say Welsh is a bit more private and behind closed doors compared to Caernarfon and Llanrug way!! But…but when they know you want to speak… it will flow readily!
Hope I could help give an outside perspective as an outsider doing transient work there.

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