Is there more than one version of the SSIW website?

Having just completed Challenges 6 & 7, this keener is wanting to link up with others by “just pressing the ASK button of the grey bar of the Homepage”. The version of the Homepage I keep accessing does not have this magic button. Am I missing something?

Shwmae Marilyn!

The ASK button is otherwise known as the “Discuss” button, which brings you right here to our support forum!
This is the place to link up with other learners - to ask any questions you have about the course, to join in on discussions about the course, or the Welsh language, or Wales, or anything really! Just browse through the topics and get involved!
You can also find out about Welsh meetups in your area here, or maybe throw feelers out about one you would like to start up, or see if anyone would like to practice over Skype with you… It’s here!

Past versions of this website used to have this forum under the ‘Ask’ button, and some pages may still show this too. But ‘Ask’ is actually ‘Discuss’ - or, the forum!

Hope this helps.


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Curently @MarilynHames here are two designs of the webpage.

One is old

and accessible to most learners. And yes, the “Ask” button was replaced with “Forum” one (on the page and “Discuss” on the forum itself.

The other is new

Which is at the moment accessible only to those who applied for it at the beginning of (kind of) beta release but as @aran says it will be soon available for everyone. On this layout there was always “Forum” button (link) which leads to this magnificent forum but the forum itself has, no matter which layout you use, the same design (layout) as you see it now.

There was older (now I can say), much older site with quite different design and the forum was that of BB php software at that time, but the site is (understandably) not accessable anymore … :slight_smile:

So, all in all, you’re on the right place for discussing, asking, settling your times for conversations and practices up and what’s more to it …

I’ve said this once but it’s never enough times to say: “CROESO YMA!” :slight_smile:

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Mystery solved–diolch un fawr eto Tatjana

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This certainly helps Gav–diolch yn fawr. I really appreciate your explanation and help. Now all I have to do is pluck up the courage to ASK folk to help me ‘ymarfer’.



You won’t need too much asking, believe me. Such topics on the forum were/are always crowded immediately with those lovely people who want to help ymarfer i siarad. :slight_smile:


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Croeso, Marilyn! When it comes to ymarfer, just bear in mind that it will be harder than you expect it to be at first, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t do as well as you imagined you would the first couple of times. But everyone here is incredibly patient and understanding, and they’ll help you gain confidence in your speaking very quickly!

Pob lwc!


Helo Karla,

Thank you–I have taken your advice and posted a request for a slow-talking practice partner. When you read the post you’ll understand why I requested slow-talkers even if I am fairly quick to catch on. Besides, I am always up for a challenge–especially with kind-hearted souls like you to cheer me on! Let’s hope I can return the favour for others in the future.

Nice to meet you here–thank you again for the extra prod, reality check and encouragement.

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That’s great to hear! I did read your post, and I must say that it’s very inspiring to hear that you’ve done so much despite the difficulties you face with such a heavily audio-focused course.

It’s lovely to meet you too, and you’re most welcome for the encouragement - you’ll find plenty more from everyone here! :smile:

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