Is there any Argentinian welsh speaker here?

I decided to try the language when I noticed there are few comunities in Patagonia where welsh is spoken. But I’m dwelling in the north of the country, very very far from there.

How is the welsh spoken there? is it different from the welsh spoken in Wales?

Sorry for any committed mistake, I am not a native English speaker.


Hello Abel.

I have a friend who now lives in Wales that grew up in Patagonia - he has lived in Wales for the past few years.

If I had to put a label on his dialect, he speaks a Welsh that is closer to North Walian rather than South Walian and has a bit of a Spanish “twang”. :slight_smile:

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No demasiado - hay un acento distinto, pero las palabras sus mismas, lo mismo. Si aprende con nuestros cursos, van a entenderle bien… :slight_smile:

Y tenemos unas lecciones aqui en el medio de espanol… :slight_smile:

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I recently visited Gaiman in Argentina and, despite asking many, many people, only found 1 person who replied in Welsh (2 words!). Everyone seemed to “know someone” who could speak Welsh though!

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No demasiado - hay un acento …

That’s the strangest Welsh I’ve ever heard - is it from Caernarfon way? :laughing:


More Trelew… :wink:


Is our gifted @gabycortinas , operatic tenor, male voice on SSiSpanish (still?), Welsh speaker and polyglot stiil on the forum. He came from Buenos Aires if I remember rightly.

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That’s great to know, it would probably be nice to hear them speaking with that little spanish accent.

And right, your videos were a huge inspiration to me to start learning the language. Keep going!


It is actually surprising, I was thinking about a Welsh dialect full of new words and regionalisms. And also you’re doing excellent with your Spanish! :grin:

I’ve just started using the SSIWelsh app (about two weeks ago) and I’ve just finished Challenge no. 10

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Hola Abel,
I suspect the Welsh spoken in Patagonia is not uniform, and the language background of each speaker will vary according to their family background and of course whether they learnt Welsh as a second language. I know that the British Council,( I think via Bangor University, here in the North), sends Welsh teachers on contract to teach learners in Patagonia, and I guess that must be influencing the language there. I spent about 6 weeks there some 12 years ago but unfortunately I didn’t have much knowledge of Welsh at the time, in spite of having grown up in a part of South Wales where Welsh was strong. Nonetheless I tried to use what I had, and came away with the impression that there was probably a mix resulting from the melding of a small community whose families originated from all over Wales, but since immigration from the South dominated numerically, the Southern version was dominant. Having since lived in North Wales and picked up a variety of Welsh acquired mainly from Aran and Catrin, I’m not so sure. The best I can offer is this Youtube video, which I hope you can access over there in Buenos Aires.:

It sounds to me closer to the Northern version, but it sounds quite different from the Gaiman accent I heard briefly on my local railway station a few weeks ago, sadly all too briefly, as the train was just leaving.

There’s also some Patagonian Welsh on this video:

De paso, quisiera felicitarle sobre el nivel de su ingles: espero que su gales esta a la misma altura. Tengo que decir que lo pase muy bien en Argentina, incluso varios meses en BsAs, y espero volver un dia, aunque de momento tengo mas relacion con Bolivia…


Thank you very much! This is the reason I continue to make them :slight_smile:


Abel -
A useful contact might be Fernando Coronato, of CENPAT in Puerto Madryn, who may well be happy to put you in touch with other Patagonian Welsh-speakers. He’s an enthusiastic Welsh speaker himself, having learned the language as an adult, but he and his Welsh/Argentinian wife gave me and my wife a very good welcome to Patagonia when we arrived out of the blue. I’m not sure he’d remember me this long after, but feel free to give my name (Dave Morgan) as a contact.


Wow. I can hear, despite of my recent immersion into the language, that little Rioplatense accent when they speak Welsh. Thank you very much, it is really helpful and interesting stuff.

So you are a Spanish speaker as well! Congratulations, you sounded very natural. :smile:
And yes, Bolivia is also a beautiful country full of culture and friendly people.