Is there a way to cancel ssi subscription from app

Apologies if I’m just not seeing it. I stopped my subscription Nov 15, 2021 but am still being billed. Billing changed from www.SaySomethingin.Com Penygroes to saysomethingin.Com Bangor LND I can’t access premium material on website (which is correct) but I can on app on my iPhone, even after removing app and reinstalling. Content is the same as website. I’m wondering if I also need to stop subscription on the iPhone app as well. Thx Bruce

I’ve had a look at your account based on the email you use for this forum and it’s definitely cancelled. However, we do have another Bruce Rockwell in the database with an active subscription. Could that also be you? Maybe that’s the account your iPhone is linked to?

If you could send an email to with any other email address that you may have used, I’ll be able to look further into it for you.

Thx will do now