Is there a reliable translation website for my practice sentences

I’m looking for a reliable website to check my practice sentences and other sentences I’m compiling… From experience I know Google translate gets things in the wrong order. Can anyone recommend any websites ?


Hi Claire,
As you say Google translate doesn’t always get it right. So I use side by side. Sometimes they both agree and sometimes there’s a variation. Makes things interesting if not totally reliable… Bur I think any translator could give different results, as Welsh, as in English there are a number of ways to say the same thing thing.


One key thing to remember with any translation site is that the Welsh you learn with SSiW has an emphasis on the colloquial - the Welsh people use every day. Translation sites generally give more accurate translations when given formal written Welsh to work with, so don’t depend too heavily on them - your Welsh may still be correct even if it differs from the site’s translation.


HI Rob, Diolch yn fawr iwan for your recommendation.
I’ll check it out.
BW Claire

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Thanks very much that’s a really useful point for me to remember. As much as anything I want to make sure I’ve got the words in the right order, C

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Hi Claire,
Here’s a good example of sentence structure in Welsh. Top block on the left is present tense. Middle block is the question structure and the bottom block is negative. So all you have to do is select select something from the first column add to the second and third columns to make up sentences. And there you’ve got your structures. For example, Dw i canu yn y gegin bob bore. Hope this helps.


Meant to send you this as well. This is the wedi structure.


This is genius - thank you so very much. Which book does this come from? I think I need to buy it asap if I’m going to make any progress.

Thanks again - much appreciated

Sorry Claire, no book. It’s a couple of pages from a Welsh course I did at Nant Gwertheryn. When I saw your request on SSiW I just thought it might be of some use to you.

Oh what a pity. But thank you for sharing this page with me… it definitely helps.:grinning:

You might also find it helpful to post possible sentences on the forum - there’ll be plenty of people around here willing to help let you know if they work or not :slight_smile:


Many thanks Aran. Much appreciated.

Hi Rob,
Where are these helpful sheets coming from?

Sorry, i see you have already answered that question.

No problem. Hope you find them useful.

Don’t forget the 'n in your "dw i ['n] canu… " sentence structure, though. That 'n is pretty important.

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Very true, the yn or 'n is very important. Equally though it is important for people to know that yn or 'n must never ever be used together with ‘wedi’ as shown in my charts above.

Thank you so much for that! It’s my favorite kind of thing!