Is there a recommend a friend discount for SSIW

I have recommended SSIW to a family member to learn welsh. Is there a discount or reduced price or similar to help them start up with SSIW?

If not is there going to be anything of the sort, in the future.


It’s certainly something we’re hoping to get set up in the future, but it’s not available just yet.

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Let me know when/if it happens! I’ve already got one sister trying Spanish, the other hesitant but might try SSi when Japanese becomes available, and my mother very open to the idea if she can do Italian. A bit more work on them, and in a few years my father will be the only monolingual left in the family… but that’s okay, because he’ll still speak the only language we have in common! :rofl:

And I bet I could talk him into trying SSi too, in time.