Is there a new level 3 South?

I’ve just moved too Level 3 but noticed it’s the old version, Is there a new version & if so, how do I access it?

I can’t say where it would be on an app or phone, but on a pc if you click ‘Learn’ in the top bar then ‘challenges’, you should see a choice like this where you can choose ‘Level 3’ and then make sure you are switched to the ‘South region’

Yes, but what I get is an OLD version.

What makes you say it’s an old version? (out of interest because I haven’t done Level 3 South)

When I open level 3 Challenge 1 it says at the bottom ‘old material’ & is very different from level 1 & 2

This is what I get when I open level 3 Challenge 1 - is it the same?

Jackie, when you open Level 3 Challenge 1, you should have the Challenge there in front of you, ready to click on and open. Beneath it is a list of the other 24 Challenges, all in red. All of that is your Level 3.

Then beneath all of that there is indeed an entry which says ‘Old material’, but this is simply directing you to the Old Course should you so want to visit it - this is an added extra, it has nothing to do with Level 3 which you have open before you! When you did Level 2, below it you should have had the same reference to the Old Course which had nothing to do with Level 2 but was simply an added link for anyone wishing to explore it.

Unless you’re getting something totally different altogether?

Yes, Siaron, it is.

Ok. But why is it so different from 1& 2? To my mind the approach is what you would expect earlier on.

As Alan said, where it says ‘old course’, that is a link to the old course. The challenges at the top are the new course. (that ‘old course’ link is there on every page, not just level 3).

I’ve just seen your reply to Alan too - Level 3 is, because it’s more advanced, is purposely a step out of the comfort zone. The subscription courses only go through levels 1 and 2, and so level 3 is there to push those that want to be pushed further that bit harder.

I’m still a bit confused! I appreciate that level 3 would be a step up. However, whereas the end of 2 presented lots of long, quite complicated sentences, now at the start of 3 I’m being asked to repeat very simple single words. Hence the fact that I thought I was in the wrong place.
Thanks anyway

That’s ok. Just a ‘heads-up’ though - whilst simple single words may sound ‘easier’, without the pre-constructed sentences around them there’s no pattern to absorb so actually that technique can stretch you more than it seems! :wink:

Hi Jackie, level 3 starts with shop, hotel, next to, buying postcards. Does that sounds right? You should be able to tell which course is which, because the new course calls them levels, whereas the old one is called course 1, course 2, course 3 x

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That’s a bit odd, though, Jackie.
Level 3 has sentences like the previous levels, and getting longer and more complicated as you progress, as usual. Apart from new words from time to time - like in fact it does start with “siop”, but right next, there are a few difference ways to use it in full sentences.
Is that what you hear? (just an extra check!)

Edit: @emma-ireland oops sorry for repeating I was typing at the same time as you! :grinning:

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Thanks Emma. Yes that’s right enough.I’m sorted now but probably in for a shock before long!!

Thanks Gisella. Yes it all makes sense now. I’ll probably have a shock as I progress!! If I progress!!

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