Is it possible to include Czech in the list of the languages you offer?

Hi, I heard this app from the Turkish actor living in Wales now, Memet Ali Alabora. I downloaded the app just out of curiosity and loved the method! I feel like an elf when trying to repeat what I hear :slight_smile: It seems to be a difficult language, but I definitely loved it. My question is: I live in the Czech Republic now and I am originally from Turkey. I’ve been attending some courses, but your method makes sense. Is there Czech language in your agenda ? Just as a note for the future, if you ever plan to do it in Turkish, I am definitely in. Thank you so much for creating such a smart and practical app. You all rock!


Merhaba @hatice-dundar :wave:

I am sure Czech will be including in the future. Please note, that the SSi are hard at work developing an internal software system that will allow for rapid course creation. This means it will probably be some time until Czech, or any other language, is added to the existing language catalog. That said, welcome to the SSi community, and stay excited for what’s to come (next year). :slight_smile:


And, maybe Slovak?

@ben-31 No reason we couldn’t. :muscle:


Unfortunately it never seems to materialise. I’d SO love to see more languages on SSI, but years and years go by with the same spiel ‘we’re hard at work on developing our algorithm’, but nothing ever seems to happen.

I’ll say this…

As a software engineer, I know what it’s like to build competitive, groundbreaking software (what Ifan is doing). Ifan is also, unfortunately, the only developer on the project.

That said, I noticed that some well-to-do business manager was hired last year by SSi (I think I saw this on LinkedIn, but someone correct me). I reviewed who this guy was, and he’s been involved with very successful (£££) projects.

I first started using SSiWelsh back in 2011/12, so I know what it’s like to wait. That said, I do believe good things are coming.

I spoke with Ifan once in Caernarfon, and I began to understand the technological scope and challenges. It’s certainly no easy task. Fingers crossed, however.