Is it allowed or wanted any more at all?

Hello all but mostly the staff of the forum. I have one quick question:

Once upon a time in the “good old days” of speaking practices, recordings and answering questions I used to post questions on here just for the practice purpose - the practice of my own and the practice of other learners aswell - and I also gave the answers to the questions which were posted to this category from time to time. But now seeing many of such topics are locked I wonder if this habit (which I somehow set to be kind of long term regularity from me) is either welcome or allowed to maintain at all?

I’m asking this because I surely don’t want to fill the forum by something what is considdered to be “unwanted” or even useless.

Thank you!

Hwyl! :slight_smile:

Hi @tatjana !

When learners’ questions and answer posts for the Speaking Practice challenges were being posted individually on the forum, they were getting lost easily amongst other posts and threads and it was becoming quite an effort to keep up with them. So many weren’t getting their badges awarded, because we simply couldn’t see their recordings.

So when I took over rewarding the badges, I decided to tidy the system up, so I could easily log in to the forum and know straight away where to find sentence/question/answer recordings which needed listening to and have badges rewarded.

So the locking of individual posts has been part of the process to gather everything in the same place, to make it easier for me to keep up with learner’s efforts.

Have a look at the following, which explains it all a little easier -

I hope all this makes sense! So please continue to post recordings as and when you feel like doing so, but just in the appointed threads so I can keep up with them. By the way, if you just want to keep posting answers in the answer recordings thread, just for the sake of fun of practice, then please do so. It doesn’t make a difference that you already have your blue badge. :slight_smile:


Hello @CatrinLliarJones.

Thank you for your answer. I’ve actually read everything you’ve written about speaking practices and where to post in order to gain badges but since so many topics were locked I was a bit puzzled and wondered if it has any purpose still to post any recordings by me and others who already gained our highest badge - blue one. Well, actually I’ve got some answers to my questions only when I’ve posted first 3 or 4 of them and then not one single anymore so it might be annoying to some people that I post them any more at all.

On the other hand I knew somehow that these locked topics could only be those who’s authors still have to earn their badges but I am amazed with amount of learners who actually do the challenge these days. I’m grabbing the chance to salute and congratulate to all who acheaved the badges and to encourage all of those who didn’t do that yet. You all are the best! :heart:

All this said I’ll reconsidder if I’d post some more questions in the future and if I will still feel to do so I’ll open one new thread for all my qurestions from now on. But I’ll try to answer some of those the other have posted because I know how frustrating could one feel if there’s no answer to their question especially when people plunged into asking questions for the first time.

Diolch yn fawr iawn unwaith eto a bob hwyl!


Hi @tatjana!

You are more than welcome to continue posting question and answer recordings in the relevant threads. It doesn’t cause problems for me or other users and doesn’t clog up the threads at all. I will know that you aren’t posting to gain badges, because you’ve already gained yours. so you are free to continue doing it for pleasure and practice purposes.

Just so there’s no further confusion, I made sure that the posts were only locked when users had gained their badges and received answers. I tried to move all those who hadn’t yet received answers in to the relevant threads so that they may have a chance to receive answers.

Hope this clears things up. :slight_smile: