Irish Gaelic?

@tatjana we’re also going to test it with Mandarin Chinese before too long, so that will be interesting. Personally I would LOVE to test it out with Basque as it’s so completely different in its grammatical structure, but small steps and we’ll get there.


@Deborah-SSi Basque (or Euskera) is such a beautiful and unique language. SSiBasque will be something I look forward to.

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Yes, I’m learning it at the moment and quite fascinated by it!

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Yup … more than any language, Basque would give the needed “value” to all tests you’re currently running. That’s what I’m trying to say - giving the words and repeating them in order to make the sentence is (for the software) easy peasy thingy but when there are different gramatical patterns, especially such as it’s the case with Basque, problems arrise and there’s no easy way to solve them. I believe you can’t just write the algorythm which would be valid for all languages no matter what but each language needs its own aproach. Even in the one group of languages, there can be differences which I don’t agree they should be ignored even not at the beginning of the learning process and surely not in higher levels.

Irish language is also quite hard (I’ve tried little something of it to learn) but I strongly believe with this language writting and speaking should be taught simultaniously, just like it should be done so with Hungarian also.

So, I know there’s no easy way if you tend to develop the software which would do courses of all languages so here’s, by my opinion, very long and taugh way to go …

Good luck!

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That’s not really the idea, Tatjana. Individual languages will still take a lot of thought as to the best sequence to teach things and the courses will be created based on what is useful to learn in that language in order to reach a certain level of conversational competence as quickly as possible, but the software will take away the tedious, time-consuming background tasks. It’s looking very interesting, and as I’ve been creating an SSi-style course for myself in order to become confident in Basque, I’m learning a lot about what works and how to get around what doesn’t.


Well, I’m happily waiting what comes out … (if I’d get access to the courses of course).

Happy SSiBorg-ing. :slight_smile:


Hi AzzuroKnight,

Just glancing through the posts have you made any progress with Irish or any other language out of interest? I am a fluent Irish soeaker and am trying to get Irish speakers to learn Welsh as a third language - next door neighbour, large towns are Welsh speaking, welsh language music is so out there, rugby weekends in each country etc but it’s a hard sell currently 15 Irish speakers in Ireland learning/can speak Welsh and we meet annually at Oireachtas na Gaeilge the Irish equivalent of the Eisteddfod. There is a course every April in Wales a weekend learning Irish through Welsh for beginners and intermediate level you can also learn Breton and Cornish through Welsh it’s at the Urdd national camping site/accomodation oganised by Rhisiart Hincks

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