Ir Caminando vs simply Caminar

Hola! I have a question regarding the phrase Ir caminando that we learn in Level 2. Some examples are: ¿Quieres ir caminando a… Do you want to walk to…? Or maybe, Quería ir caminando a… I wanted to walk to… But I have seen (and I think originally learned it) as simply using the verb caminar–¿Quieres caminar a…? or Quería caminar a…?

I think they mean basically the same thing, right? Is the Ir Caminando more correct or more widely used?


PS–I love this course! I’ve been slowly learning Spanish for about 4 years now and recently stumbled across SSIS. I really wish I had found it sooner!

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Hola Joshua,

You can use ¿Quieres ir caminando a…, when you have other transport options at hand but you’d rather go by foot.

¿Quieres caminar a…? doesn’t sound very natural to my Argentinean ear, but it might probably sound natural to native speakers from other countries :slight_smile:. You can also say ¿Quieres ir a caminar (al / hasta el parque).? and that woudl translate as “Would you like to go walk at the park / go for a walk”

As you can see there are many ways to use this construction, all valid depending on the situation. Hope this helps!



Very helpful, thank you!

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