Iphone App Problems

I have for the 2nd time downloaded the SSIW app. I open the app - go to settings and select South but when I go back to the main page to download the lessons it says “download failed”. If I go back to the settings sections and change it to North I can download without problem.

The first time this happend - I deleted the app and re installed to see if that would help but it doesn’t.



What lessons have you tried to download?

I cant even download the intro on the south version - yet can download everything for the north version

I think you might have to try it a few times - I’ve been having trouble downloading the intro using the Android app version. Possibly a hiccup with the website where the lesson files are hosted.

I’ll pass the problem along to the overworked development/admin/tech support person

Hmm, I’m having trouble reproducing this on my install of the iPhone app. There has been a change recently - but to the Northern lessons, not the Southern! I’ve just tried and I managed to download lesson one of both the northern course 1 (old and new) and the same thing for southern, and it all worked fine. Is there a particular lesson you can’t download, or is it all of them?

Thanks for the advice. I can’t down load anything on the South version. The North is fine. I am just wondering if I deactivate my profile and create a new one.

Interestingly - I can download everything South related on my Ipad - so I can only be left with the conclusion that it could be a problem with my phone. I will see what Apple say…

That’s really interesting feedback, Simon, thank you very much indeed - any further info you can squeeze out of Apple would be hugely helpful - Ifan is officially on his Christmas holidays at the moment, but if this is still an issue for you in January we’ll put it high on our ‘try to figure it out and talk to Apple about it’ list :sunny:

Thanks very much for taking the time to come in here and let us know about it :thumbsup: :star:

Hello, I have a trouble downloading lessons 6.1 and 6.2 of the Northern version ( iPhone app). 5 and 6 (bonus) downloaded just fine today, but I keep getting the “download failed” when I try 6.1 and 6.2

Thanks for letting us know - it might be a hiccup of some kind partly because of the lesson naming (and having more than one on the page) - @Kinetic is back from holidays on the 5th of January, so we’ll have a proper squint at this then - very sorry for the frustration in the meantime.

Just to add to the confusion - there are both versions of 6 bonus lesson. So, my app screen looks like this - lesson 5 (downloaded), 6.1 and 6.2 ( not downloadable) , 6 bonus (North W), 6 bonus ( South W), 7 - all 3 downloaded :slight_smile:

That does look deeply peculiar, @Filinka - thanks very much for the extra details! We’ll start trying to figure it out next week :sunny:

I just downloaded it. Can’t download South only North.

Take a look at the workaround described in this thread:

It might help…

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Hi - thanks very much. I have been able to download the South version on my Iphone by following the above! Diolch :slight_smile:

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That’s great news - thanks very much for the feedback, Simon! :thumbsup: