Iphone app downloads

Hi, I am using the iPhone app, first time today. I am trying to download challange one but audio downlaod failed. Any advice please. Works OK on my iPad.
Regards Rober

¡Hola Rob!

I will tag @lewie so that he sees this issue.


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If you select Challenge 1 (tap the Learn tab, and swipe right if necessary to get to Challenge 1), what do you see in the center of the screen? If you see a yellow circle with a white cloud outline and a down arrow, then tap that circle to try the download again.

If you see a white circle with a yellow outline, and a yellow cloud outline… and it isn’t changing at all (normally there would be a thicker yellow outline moving clockwise to show progress), then close the app (double tap home, and swipe upwards on the app), then try again. Ideally, you’d be able to just tap the white download button to cancel the download, and try again, but there’s a glitch in the current version that sometimes gets stuck when it has a download problem, and needs a good kick in the behind to get straightened out.

If you see something else… give me a shout :wink:


Thank you for such a quick reply. I restarted my iPhone, no joy with that. So i uninstalled the app and reinstalled. That seems to have helped. It takes two attempts to download. Fails on the first, downloads on the second attempt. I’m seeing white circle with thick outline when downloading, with a x in the cloud. Yellow circle with white cloud before downloading. I works perfect on the iPad, only wanted it on iPhone for work. Thanks again for your quick response.
Regard Robert


Rob - What you are describing sounds like it might just be random network problems connecting to our servers. I’m not aware of any problems with the app that would require a complete re-install, so if you keep having problems, try the less severe “kill the app” solution (double tap home and swipe).

Hopefully, the problem will go away by itself, but if you keep having this issue, don’t hesitate to shout!