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Sorry this is more of a technical question. I have the SSIW APP on my IPad and (ancient) IPhone. Neither recognise that I have signed up and pay monthly. I receive the weekly lesson by email which is fine but I can’t get on to SSIW with my phone or IPad.
Can anyone help please? DIOLCH . Jacqui*

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Hi @jacqui-stoddar

Presumably a) you are logging into the App…b) with the same login that works on the SSIW website?

If so, Emailing admin@saysomethingin.com is the quickest to resolving the issue - they will sort it out

Rich :slight_smile:

Many thanks for responding so quickly. I don’t log in, I just download from the email. I will try admin. Cheers! Jacqui

All the help has been brilliant! Thank you all so much…
I really appreciate ‘the style’ of your help. It feels safe to ask questions, this is much appreciated. Diolch am Fawr!

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