iPad and staying logged in

I use an iPad for SSiW but since the new site has been developed, have not been able to stay logged in, despite selecting the relevant option. I’ve deleted cookies as Ivan suggested, but would like to know if anyone has any other ideas. Diolch! Jan

Shwmae Jan
I use an iPad too, and never have a problem with this.
One thing you could try (if you haven’t done so already) is bookmarking SSiW, in its logged in state, then selecting this bookmark when you need to use SSiW. I set my bookmark to go straight to the forum.
Another thing I do is, in Safari, I leave the tab open instead of clearing it down when closing Safari, but the bookmark thing should work.
The only time you will need to log in after this is if Ifan has done a huge update to the wesite since you last used the site, otherwise, you shouldn’t need to log in at all when you open Safari.
Hope this helps!

This may be from the school of silly questions but … you don’t have any Private Browsing mode or similar enabled do you?