IOS App?

Searched on iTunes but can’t find app for Spanish, just Welsh. Is there one available or is it only in Beta?


Only in beta at the moment, but I gather we’re going to be launching in the very near future… :sunny:

sorry I’ve just started looking at trying a little Spanish. so it will be a whole different app from what I use for Cymraeg?

Hola Mick,

Yes, there is a dedicated app for Spanish; it is available on iOS and in beta testing on Android.

Hasta luego,



My decision to stick with iPhones instead of changing to a galaxy recently has just been validated. Thank you. I look forward to trying a couple lessons.


Best of luck with the Spanish Mick. I think that you are going to enjoy it. And don’t forget that the forum is here to support you, so post back with your progress and any questions you may have! I would love to hear how you get on with the course. Everyone’s experience is different, and the more stories we get on the forum, the more help and encouragement others can derive from it when they begin their journey.

¡Hasta luego!


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I’ve downloaded the ios app but can’t get it to work :frowning: any ideas?

It seems to be downloaded fine, went through intro and navigated the various pages, but can’t get a lesson to download, nothing happened when I hit the download cloud. When I exit and re-open I get a message that says Unable to contact iTunes store for product information. (Although there doesn’t seem to be a problem with any of my other apps). Also there was no account sign in required and can’t find anywhere within the app to put a username and password.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give with this :smile:

It appears I can log in to the forum on the app as posting from there now, but not the challenges.

¡Hola Nikki!

You should be able to find a login option so that you can access the Challenges in the app. I will tag this post for @aran, @lewie, @theblacksparrow to see if they can assist more practically than me!



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For anyone after iOS Spanish member access info, skip ahead to IOS App?

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Hey Nikki - just a couple of quick questions to try to figure out what’s up.

First, which lesson are you trying to download? Is it the very first one?

Second, you say you logged in - did you log-in by entering e-mail/password on the Settings tab?

It’s night-night time for me now, but I’ll have a further look into this tomorrow!

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Thanks Lewie, I’ve replied to your pm.

Hey James - I appreciate the out :wink: but actually the current iOS app is designed to access lessons either based on app store purchase or SSi membership. So if you are logged in via the Settings tab, and you’ve purchased the lessons, it is supposed to work :smile: I’m working w/ Nikki to sort out why it is picking on her…


¡Works on my iPhone! (software developer joke, please forgive me) :grin:


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Works on mine now too :wink:


Oh right. Sorry, I’ve been basing all my answers on that release document where we documented that signing in with membership details wouldn’t be supported.

I guess if that’s now out of date I better refrain from commenting on any iOS stuff!

Wps… I’ve been a bad boy and haven’t been consulting/updating the release doco :blush:

Hi Stu, I did end up trying the first lesson, but I then noticed a few new Southern lessons up so I haven’t given it the attention it deserves. Yet.

Ahh, the lure of the Welsh, eh? Understood! If you do give Spanish a go, let us know how you get on.

¡Chao! / Hwyl,