iOS app - problems with Growth Club content

Technical question: I use the iOS app on my iPad a lot (it’s brilliant, btw!) and only recently noticed a ‘Growth Club Content’ option under ‘Active Course’. But when I select it and go to ‘Lessons’, there’s nothing there. Just greyness. Which is how I feel inside.

Is there any way that I can access the Growth Club content from the app and bring the colour back into my life?

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For sunshine and rainbows you could try setting your region to South and seeing if that helps…

If it doesn’t, then while you wait for @lewie, try this


My region is always set to South, and that sadly hasn’t helped this time, but thanks for the song. I’m feeling better already!

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Fortunately, James already supplied you with the sunshine :wink:

That sounds like you are using the old iOS app. The Growth Club content is only available if you’ve subscribed to the Growth Club, but the old iOS app shows it anyway.

I’d recommend that you install the new iOS app, since the old one is no longer supported.

Link for new app is here:

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Oh. I didn’t know there was a new app. I clearly haven’t been paying attention. Thank you very much - all working well now, and the world is bright again!
(Can’t get that song out of my head now…)

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Wonderful app helping work here, James and Jeff! :superstars:

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