Hello, Please could some kind person direct me to where I should introduce myself?
I think I should have done that first, before posting. This is my first week of forums, too.
I’m sorry if I have already breached the etiquette.
A message popped up then, about introductions, but I didn’t know how to link with it.
I have read the notes and I’m sure I’ll get it, eventually!
Thank you, Moira


Hi Moira, and welcome.
Personally, I’d say go for it on this thread. It would be great for others to join in also.

Alternatively, Aran set up the following thread recently, which should do the trick, especially if you have a question to follow it:
Ask your FIRST question about SSiW in here…

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Welcome, Moira.
That was a completely successful first post. I don’t think that I ever introduced myself properly. I just joined in as and when it occurred to me.

Have you just started the challenges, or have you been doing them for a while and just started posting? I hope you are enjoying them.

Thank you both, @JohnYoung & @Betterlatethan.
I started the course last Monday and have done Challenges 1 & 2.
Although I am finding it hard going and very fast, I am loving it. I have to start gabbling in Welsh before Aran stops speaking in English and I still don’t beat Catrin to the draw a lot of the time.
However, this is the most hopeful I have ever been, having tried teach yourself books and tapes, over the years and an evening class, briefly, twenty years ago. Bad timing, because I was working full time and doing another part time course and living in England ( still am).
I met a friend who is a Welsh first language speaker, yesterday and she was amazed how much SSIW had taught me in a week and took down the details to give to someone else.
I need to work on my IT as well, so I can find forum people to practice with and sort out the Thursday sessions. I am talking to myself and my long suffering family in Welsh as much as I can manage, with limited sentences. My little grandson loves it, but my husband did say a bit wearily, this morning " Do you think you could say something in English, now?" Bye & thank you, Moira


Here will do absolutely fine, Moira - well done for jumping in, and a very warm welcome to the forum… :star: :star2:

Very warm welcome here @Moira.

You just introduced yourself in a way so you don’t need to go anywhere else.

About techy things on this forum, in the thread Really useful ‘How to’ stuff and other great posts you can find various “how to” stuff and other interesting and useful things. It’s all in that list and clicking on the links they’ll bring you directly to the desired thing behind the link.

Well done on coming here and introduce yourself. If you have questions, you can always ask them or in separate topic created by yourself or in one of equivalent to your question topics and you’ll surely get quick answers to them. Since we’re from allover the world there’s always someone reading the forum almost like in 24/7 businesses. :slight_smile: .


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