Introduction/forum private message questions/beta testing android SSI iOS apps!

Hola a todos (buenas noches UK!)

Apologies if my question has been answered before, but I struggled to find the answer.

Tolu here from Manchester, introduced by Ian Blanford, thanks for this incredible resource!

I was wishing to send a private message to @lewie to become an iOS beta tester for the SSI Spanish app, but I think my lack of contribution here is preventing that functionality?

Hopefully this is enough to warrant I’m a real person, hoping to help test the app out and report any flaws. I’ve also joined the group to test Android too.

¡Muchas gracias!

T x


I’m not sure if Spanish app is in testing anymore at all. As much as I know it went out to the wild already so you can check in store … ah, sorry, iOS can be different, I remembered now …

Well, on sending PM - I believe no one is limited to how much posts he/she has in the forum so it must be you do something wrong. On how to send PM you have little something written here

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Sorry for the hiccup and welcome to the forum!.. :sunny:

But the tag for @lewie should work as well as a message - he’s over on the west coast of the US, though, so not likely to be online until a bit later on…:wink:

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Thanks Aran, and whilst you’re there muchas gracias for all your hard work here! I conversed with a native Spaniard almost by mistake today and survived fairly convincingly after only 10 challenges!!

Will wait for @lewie to respond here or in a message then, I use the site on my android phone and iPad so would be very useful to test the apps for both.

T x

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I believe Android Spanish is in the wild so going to Google Play and downloading it would be OK. If not, @theblacksparrow should know how to access it now.

That’s fantastic news - huge congratulations! :star: :star2:

And thank you so much for your very kind words… :sunny: :thumbsup:

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Hope to see you at our Spanish coffee mornings, Tolu!


Tolu - I’ll send you a PM.

The iOS app was out in beta for a bit, but then I revamped the UI, so it’s been quiet on the Spanish front as I worked out the kinks of the new UI by focusing on the Welsh app. However, I’ve just submitted the second release of the Welsh app, and now turning back to the Spanish. I should have a new beta soon.


Android Spanish is still in beta testing.

With a bit of luck @tolu is set up for access now.


All systems go! Thanks guys, let me know when the iOS version is done in the oven @lewie x